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Band Awards

Award Winners 2013 - 2014. 

Most Improved Junior:

Layla Staples (Cornet)

Most Improved Senior:

Craig Russell (Trombone)

Bandsman (Woman) of the Year:

Mary Peet (Euphonium) .

Award Winners 2014 - 2015

Most Improved Junior: 

Phoebe Mallinson (Cornet)

Most Improved Senior:

John Devereux (cornet & useful music arranger)

Bandsperson of the Year:

Ronnie Mallinson (Treasurer /Cornet)

Award Winners 2015 - 2016.

Junior Player of the Year: 

Rowan Maitland, junior player of the year 2015/16

Rowan Maitland (baritone)

Rowan has improved immensely, and mostly on his own initiative. His natural musical talent has shone through this year. Excellent Rowan keep up that good Baritone work.

Most Improved Senior:

Clifford's presentation as bandsman of the year 2015/16

Clifford Wheatley (baritone)

Clifford has been on the 2nd Baritone part for quite a long time, and finding that he was the only Baritone for a while took on the big task of playing first Baritone. In the time Clifford played first Baritone it made him more confident in himself trying very difficult passages and achieving success. As well as being a fantastic showman and speaker Clifford has deserved the award this year hands down.

Bandsperson of the Year:  

CNL Cree Trophy Main Award

Ruth Wilkinson .

Ruth has been tending the library for many years and without fuss has looked after our music with tireless ease.

With her organisation of other band members to help with administration and her countless hours sorting an copying,

Ruth wins the main award for the second time and well deserved for all her hard work.

Award Winners 2016 - 2017.

Most Improved Senior Player: Mike Deakin. (Euphonium.)

Most Improved Junior Player: Noah Mallinson. (Cornet.)

Bandsperson of the Year:  

CNL Cree Trophy Main Award

Mike Binns.

Mike, deservedly, was awarded this for his non-playing rôle in the band. Mike provides us with welcome refreshment on Friday evenings and manages all the bookings for the band. We thank him for all his hard work, he has managed to increase our number of bookings over the short time he and his wife, Mary, have been with us.