Due to the Coronavirus concerns
there will be no band practices
until further notice !!!!


Hello, welcome to the Hall Royd Band, a brass band from Shipley (near Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK), with a strong history of 70 years.

The band is proud to be associated with the Northcliffe Church, from where playing commenced all those years ago. Although our roots are with the church the band welcomes players from all walks of life, the majority of current players not being drawn from the parish.

Engagements and Rehearsals

If you are interested in booking Hall Royd Band for an engagement then please get in touch with our bookings secretary Brian Outlaw.

Please email him with as much detail as possible and please include: when, where and what time.

Or tel: on 07873 698690 If he is unavailable please leave him a voice message, with details of your request, and he will get back to you.

If you are interested in joining as a player, whether as an accomplished musician in the main band, or as a learner joining the Monday group, we would be delighted to hear from you.  Please feel free to simply turn up at a rehearsal 
or e-mail us first to make sure we haven't got an engagement that night.  We endeavour to supply a band instrument and free tuition if requested - so you’ve got nothing to lose by giving us a try!!! 

We can be contacted here For General Enquiries please fill in this form this form is not for bookings!!

Feedback, if you wish to give us any feedback after we have played at your event please fill in this form, thanks.

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Registered Charity Number 517038